Created by Executive Decree No. 96-471 of 18 December 1996, the management of social action must ensure, through all its services structures, improving its performance in achieving its objectives, the following tasks assigned to it.

  As such it is responsible, including:

  1. To ensure the application of the laws and regulations in areas related to social action and national solidarity;
  2. To organize the management system of welfare state;
  3. Coordinate, evaluate and control the operation of educational and administrative institutions;
  4. Implement, in conjunction with the relevant sectors, programs and measures for the help and support towards the needy families;
  5. On the monitor, in coordination with relevant institutions, through established procedures, operations planned in the financing, planning, equipment, projects and structures within the area of national solidarity;
  6. To ensure the availability of necessary resources and support structures of children deprived of family, public and private, to monitor and control work and their social and family reintegration;

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