Presentation of the Directorate:

- The legal framework :

 1-Law No.91-10 of 27 April 1991as amended and supplemented Relative to Wakf property. 
 2-Executive Decree No. 94-432 of 10 December 1994 laying down rules for the establishment of organization and functioning of koranick school 
 3-Executive Decree No. 98-381 of 1 December 1998 laying down the conditions and procedures for administration, management and protection of Wakf property.

 4-Executive Decree No. 2000-200 of 26 July 2000 laying down the organization and functioning of the services of Religious Affairs and Endowments in the Wilaya
 5-Executive Decree No. 08-411 of 24 December 2008 on the special status of civil servants belonging to the specific body of the Authority of Religious Affairs and Wakf
 6-Executive Decree No. 13-377 of 9 November 2013 concerning the status of the mosque. 
 7-Executive Decree No. 14-70 of 10 February 2014 laying down the terms and conditions of Wakf land for lease for agriculture.

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