Sector activities during the month of March 2015

Service of the synthesis Budget:

Monitoring the software of the General Directorate of Budget, concerning monitoring of National investment program enrolled in the wilaya code (all programs);
Monitoring the various files related to the tracking the public investment program, initiated by the Regional Directorate of Budget -Oran.

Monitoring operations inscribed under both PSD and PCD programs
Monitoring consumption of payment appropriations granted under the PSD and PCD;
Condition of execution of instructions issued by the Wali during the Wilaya council held on 10.03.2015:

Operations covered by PCD already completed will be closed before March 20, 2015: Establishing operation decision terminating achievement of the road linking Sidi Ali Sidi Ali 01 to 02 (of El Gueithna Municipality).
Ensure rigorous follow of all development projects.

Preparing a draft letter to be sent to the Minister of Health Population and Hospital Reform as regards the change of title of the operation of the hospital 240 beds in Mascara for acquiring medical equipment 120-bed hospital in Bou-Hanifia.

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