The direction of the use of the wilaya of Mascara has a duty to implement a strategy that aims to regulate the labor market and the mastery of the mechanisms of supply according to the demand of the wilaya, its daïras and its municipalities , and due to its quality important axis relative to the institutions and mechanisms in charge of the job, like CNAS , CASNOS , CNAC , ANSEJ , Labour Inspection , and ANEM .

No one can doubt that the employment policy is linked to the rate of development and major projects that can create jobs for at least the medium term.

In this respect the direction of employment exploit all potentialities in the wilaya to reduce unemployment

In order to reactivate and develop an employment policy management is working with other agencies responsible for employment issues in preserving the right to review all actions taken or envisaged in this framework and that accordance with the Ministerial circular No. 070 of 24 March 2009 has the effect of achieving the various employment program either through self- employment (creation of micro enterprises ) or job creation ( the professional insertion) .

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